Market Potential

Asian market potential

The 21st century has been called the Asian century. China’s development as an economic power has been remarkable, as has been the recovery of ASEAN countries following the 1997 currency crisis. There is no doubt about the position of Asian markets, once called the “factory to the world.” Asian markets are also experiencing remarkable growth in consumer markets and promise to be attractive markets for investments.

Applying Japanese intellectual property

The IP (intellectual property) and brands gathered over the years by Japanese companies represent potential sources of competitive strength in rapidly growing Asian markets. Attractive investment opportunities will emerge from leveraging the advantages of Japanese companies’ IP and brands through the networks developed to date by ACA at companies it has invested in overseas.

Leveraging ACA’s international network

ACA leverages its one-of-a-kind international network to advance investment sourcing, increase value after investment, and form effective exit strategies.

Data as of October 2013